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Lost in Lactation: Miserable musings of a moaning mum

Lost. I feel so lost. Like I put myself down somewhere and I can’t for the life of me think where. Glimmers of my former self are scattered all around the place. Like discarded rags, unopened bottles of ketchup and … Continue reading

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Fiery Fennel Pesto

I first discovered fennel pesto during a stay at Sunseed low-impact living centre in southern Spain, where there is an abundance of fennel along with its unmissable fuzzy fronds. This recipe is a great way to use up those fuzzy … Continue reading

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10 things I miss about life before parenthood

I’ve been a bit quiet on the writing front these past months – partly because I’ve been uber-busy, but also I realise, because I’m over the saccharine-coated “isn’t parenthood wonderful” phase and have waded head first into the quagmire that … Continue reading

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Baby First Aid: Getting to know the basics

It was when Zephyr started on solids that Nathan and I realised neither of us had much of a clue about first aid for babies. What on earth would we do if the little man was choking… or worse? Nathan’s … Continue reading

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Easy peasy mushroom pâté

This recipe is so unbelievable easy that I make it most weeks. I’ve always been rubbish at keeping the kitchen stocked with quick, ready-to-eat foods but since becoming a near-constantly-hungry-breastfeeding-mum I’ve realised the importance of being able to access wholesome … Continue reading

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The forgotten side of the vaccines debate

The recent measles outbreak in the US has made it nigh on impossible to open a newspaper or participate in social media without facing a barrage of opinion pieces by people anxious to foist their strongly-held views about vaccination on … Continue reading

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A triple chocolate fudge cake that’s actually good for you… raw, vegan, healthy & delicious!

Today is my birthday. Therefore I need chocolate cake. It is also, however, the month of January and like most people I know I’m on a health kick after the excesses of Christmas. But help is at hand… my good … Continue reading

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Education: The burning question

It dawned on me when my son was around three months old. I was sitting in an Irish pub with my son’s ‘step-granddad’, slowly supping a pint of Guinness, when the topic of schooling came up. As we shared our … Continue reading

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The big secret about becoming a mamma… and how you can prepare yourself!

If you were to position yourself discreetly in the corridors of maternity wards or between the biscuit jars at children’s centres around the country, you might be lucky enough to catch snippets of conversations between first time mums. And once … Continue reading

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Birthing Zephyr: Ideas for a natural birth

When I first conceived of this blog post I envisioned an introduction to my birth story – a tidy, compact way to present my own birthing experience as a prism through which to see a different side of birth: one … Continue reading

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