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Nanny at 100: What family looks like

This weekend, while the rest of the country goes Olympic mad cheering on Team GB as they rack up the medals at Rio 2016, Zephyr and I will be busy with our family celebrating a somewhat different milestone: On this … Continue reading

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Cruising to Corfu: Italy – Greece – Corfu by ferry

After our restful and scenic journey down the east coast of Italy, it was a hop, skip and a 10 minute taxi ride to the port at Bari. From there we would be cruising to Corfu in no time. Or … Continue reading

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Zen and the art of long-distance European train travel

After blowing every last iota of potential misfortune and train travel trauma on the “worst night ever” aboard the Thello overnight sleeper from Paris to Milan, the next leg of the journey was bound to be a breeze. And indeed … Continue reading

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Sleepless in a sleeper: Paris to Milan by train

I’d love to say we found the next leg of our ‘Corfu & Italy by train’ voyage to be relaxing and enjoyable, but frankly I’d be lying. After an easy-as-pie Eurostar start to our 45-hour low-impact train and ferry journey … Continue reading

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Going Green to Greece: our first family holiday

My body tingles with excitement as we await the departure of the 13.31 Eurostar train to Paris. We’re on the first leg of our five stage journey to the Greek island of Corfu: the place where Nathan and I fell … Continue reading

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Strawberries & cheese: The dilemmas of parenting a fussy eater

Three days ago, my son ate an omelette. It’s sad to say but this made me ridiculously over the moon. So much so that I had to suppress a squeal of delight and remain po-faced while my stomach did somersaults … Continue reading

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All I want is a bit of peace! Supporting children (and ourselves) to engage nonviolently with the world

In this article, first published in the December 2015 – January 2016 issue of Green Parent magazine, I consider how we can bring more peace into our family lives and parent in ways that support our children to engage nonviolently … Continue reading

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Five ideas to help you avoid Christmas present overload… and create magical, meaningful and excess-free festive fun instead

Christmas with children can be such a magical, fun-filled time. Yet as any parent will tell you, it can also be busy, stressful and for the children themselves, fraught with obsessing over presents and the next “I want”. While most … Continue reading

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Feeling their pain: Reflections on Paris

I woke up this morning to discover that last night, whilst I enjoyed a quiet evening at home, at least 120 of my fellow humans were killed in terrorist attacks across Paris. No doubt, by the end of the day, … Continue reading

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Lost in Lactation: Miserable musings of a moaning mum

Lost. I feel so lost. Like I put myself down somewhere and I can’t for the life of me think where. Glimmers of my former self are scattered all around the place. Like discarded rags, unopened bottles of ketchup and … Continue reading

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